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Yummi77 1) Multifarious companies penetratetain deepsoned and failed at online grocery commanding and exhibition. Is there grounds to gard Yummi conciliate pain past favorably. Why? 2) Yummi’s advent is past distasteful than preceding attempts by others. Regard accelerated deliveries, antecedently-covet exhibition windows, and destructible wares. Do these features recognizeion or retrench Yummi77’s chances of victory? 3) The uniformt volunteers span actional developments coerce Yummi77: the peculiar exhibition positions and posterior vicinity accumulations. Is there capability coerce elevate advancement in the aggregation’s advent? How? Please vindication these questions (and any other issues
you endeavor to regard) as sever of your tidings, providing constructive segregation
and/or discourse. Be as biased as alienate,
notwithstanding be mindful of unsubstantiated decisions or sweeping generalizations. Clew
criteria coerce evaluation are the logic, contact of concepts, and profundity of
thought in arriving at the decisions. Be expressive (2- 3 pages of uncompounded-spaced
text, with up to 3 afunroving pages coerce tables or figures. 1 “ margins, 12
point font). Coerce caportraiture of succinctness, do referable attributable attributable
yield a critique of the uniformt at the preparation of the uniformt segregation.


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Coerce the odious portraiture of S. Reddy, 2017.
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Mission Impossible? Yummy77 Delivers Groceries
amid the Hour
Shanghai agriculturisttled with the intelligence of 24 darling inhabitants. As 150,000 agriculturist drivers plied the roads and
50,000 teachers taught their closeons, a serene staff of encircling 500 sought to gain each day past
convenient coerce animated customers. Yummy77 ran an online grocery accumulation which, by summer 2014,
undisputed consumers to asproof an command by phuncompounded or computer and recognize exhibition to their residence or position
as antecedently-covet as an hour after. In some ways it was the summit of online shopping—delivering parts of
serene esteem, hopeful sphere coerce and noble indexling to protecting destructible income and
vegetables, and doing it entire with unusual hurry that made balancenight exhibition decidedly passé.
On uncompounded index, clew indicators were reassuring. Critiqueers were confident, and customers kept hence
back. Yet Yummy77’s development had proven past capital-intensive and past intricate than the
founders had primally expected. Meanwhile, polite-funded competitors were guile nigh. Yummy77
had built 53 smentire accumulations encircling the city, twain to showevent result and to facilitate clever exhibition almost
anywhere—notwithstanding the requires and complexities of these accumulations ran contrary to the capital-light ideals some
inhabitants associated with tech startups. Would elevate crop scatter unroving requires past efficiently—or
push inefficiencies to the lip? What if competitors copied Yummy77’s advent or extensive uniform
The White Whale of Grocery Exhibition
Coerce a string of tech startups, grocery exhibition had been a engaging turn referable attributable attributablewithstanding, coerce most,
at-last an inexpugnable brave. Preparation in 1999,1 a dozen firms had attempted to suffice-coerce this
market, and most had failed. The vital US “dot com” cohort had a severicularly unmanageable hurry. Tissuevan was
vital to penettrounce the dispense and recurrent a lofty delay, promising residence exhibition of groceries amid 30 minutes.2
A compete,, cleverly followed in March 2000, bragging a nighly particular development.
Anticipating lofty receipts, twain companies scrambled to plant stigma fantastic depots and fleets of
given trucks.3 A rare months after, Residencegrocer’s calm?}-smentire customer ignoble could referable attributable attributable attributable aid the
company’s infrastructure, and Residencegrocer was sold to Tissuevan, which accumulated balance $800 darling
in losses and itself closed a year after.4 Meanwhile, competing exhibition employment Kozmo portraitured bicycles
when delivering games, videos, and uniform Starbucks coffee in enumeration to prop, referable attributable attributablewithstanding antecedently-covet suffered a
arelish necessity when mounting losses at-last coerceced it to demur actions.5 Collectively, these and
other true grocery exhibition employments past almost uncompounded billion dollars.6
Professor Benjamin Edelman unhesitating this uniformt with the countenance of Nancy Hua Dai of Harvard Cpenettrounce Shanghai and exploration coadjutor Vivian
Rong. It was critiqueed and general antecedently promulgation by a aggregation individualize. Funding coerce the crop of this uniformt was supposing by
Harvard Agriculturistiness School and referable attributable attributable attributable by the aggregation. HBS uniformts are plain barely as the caright coerce rank discourse. Uniformts are referable attributable attributable attributable intended to suffice-for
as endorsements, origins of principal basis, or illustrations of efficient or inefficient skillful-treatment.
Copyright © 2015 President and Fellows of Harvard College. To command copies or crave consent to genetrounce materials, centire 1-800-545-7685,
write Harvard Agriculturistiness School Publishing, Boston, MA 02163, or go to This promulgation may referable attributable attributable attributable be digitized, photocopied,
or inadequately generated, posted, or catching, externally the consent of Harvard Agriculturistiness School.
This muniment is identified coerce portraiture barely by Surender Reddy in 2017.
Coerce the odious portraiture of S. Reddy, 2017.
Mission Impossible? Yummy77 Delivers Groceries amid the Hour
Preparation in 2014, a fantastic breed of grocery exhibition employments sought to exceed where others
had fond up. Amazon Young, volunteered in prime vicinitys in Deepttle, Southern California, Northern
California, Fantastic York, and a rare areas of Fantastic Jersey, and Philadelphia,7 touted the cheapest fantastic
development coerce groceries referable attributable attributablewithstanding required a incompleteness of $50 per command. Amazon so frequently threatened to
require a $299 Amazon Young Prime hoverification coerce customers to portraiture the employment, though Amazon
frequently deceased dignified that modification coerce horror of losing customers, instead assistance a $7.99
exhibition fee so covet as a customer was a component of Amazon’s plummet Prime shopping employment ($99
per year).8 Unconnectedly, Amazon’s Prime Pantry volunteered sarcastic result and other affable stables at a
exhibition fee of $5.99 per hustle.9
Meanwhile, Google Express volunteered inferior worths—unscant bounteous deliveries coerce $95 per year or $4.99
per exhibition10—notwithstanding cheap the rove of conducive effects by barring destructible and spherecontrolled result. While Google maintained some depots, the employment principally relied on vend
partners to accumulation the result, which cheap engreat requires and entireowed coerce faster comment.11
In similitude, Instacart’s development was in some commendations close ambitious, as it facilitated the exhibition
of groceries from true accumulations rather than given depots. Yet, its development was scalable in a way
that made it uncommon: it could effect anywhere with ask-restraint and with conducive performanceers conciliateing to
eliminate up parts and gain deliveries. Its employment was so hurryy: Enjoy predecessors a decade antecedent,
Instacliterature promised the exhibition of result amid the hour. 12 As of 2015, Instacart’s $99 annual
hoverification fee waived entire exhibition fees coerce commands balance $35.13 That said, critics had questioned the
company’s pricing, entireeging that, in enumeration to charging coerce exhibition staff duration (coerce customers externally
annual houses), the aggregation remarkable up grocery worths aloft objective accumulation worths. In a Wentire Street
Journal experiment alienation, Instacliterature remarkable up the worths of some parts by as plenteous as 26 percent. 14 Some
analysts questioned whether Instacliterature could balancecome an conspicuous require disadvantage: Resting so
heavily on true venders, Instacliterature had to dissipated plummet vend worths coerce generous part, including a share
of solution and balancehead, plus afunroving amounts coerce exhibition staff.
In some commendations, grocers’ avow efforts beholdmed to be most victoryful. As true as 1989, grocery
exhibition employment Peapod volunteered an true online commanding scheme in severnership with Chicago-based
Jewel Prop Accumulations. (Becaportraiture this implementation predated consumer Internet advance, Peapod supposing
modems and specific software to succor customers asproof command.) By 1995, Peapod had extensive to include
Safeway in San Francisco and Kroger in Columbus, Ohio.15 In 2000, the aggregation became a generousy-owned
subsidiary of Royal Awithhold and began to performance instead with Awithhold USA grocers Sextreme & Shop and Hercules
Foods. Affiliated barely with these accumulations and exempt barely in five states, Peapod portraitured Ahold’s subsidizeing
power to gain lofty-volume, deep-require alienations, which cheap collocateification and vehicle requires
and closeened hurry to trace up effects aloft in-accumulation worths. Between 2001 and 2012, Peapod
pretended coverage of plenteous of the East Coast, and as of 2015 the aggregation tidingsed having made past
than 20 darling deliveries. In the aggregation’s understated diction, Peapod’s tissue post promised past to
come: “Peapod surely has plans to advance.”16
The Dawn of Yummy77
Yummy77 instituter and CEO Ping Mi began her course as a software developer at Bank of America
as polite as erstwhile telecom hercules MCI. After examineing at Berkeley’s Haas Agriculturistiness School, she sok
effect skillful-treatment roles at Oracle and Siebel, planting ERP and CRM schemes. Referable attributable attributableicing accelerated
developments in China, she elected to give-end to her residenceland, primally as CTO of PPG Direct Merchant,
an e-commerce platform specificizing in investment.
This muniment is identified coerce portraiture barely by Surender Reddy in 2017.
Coerce the odious portraiture of S. Reddy, 2017.
Mission Impossible? Yummy77 Delivers Groceries amid the Hour
After nighly twenty years in the United States, Ping felt counterexhibition refinement shock—lacking certain
outgrowth that had behove prescribe in the US. Her sepatrounce crave coerce characteristic young income and
vegetables led her to plant Yummy77 in Shanghai in May 2013. She explained the objective: “I started
Yummy77 to succor position performanceers arrange animated, exquiplight meals coerce their families at a arrive-at of their
fingers.” Ping’s expectation emphasized the proletariat: “Our intent is to yield unoccupied-time, youngness, and
esteem coerce medium inhabitants.”
COO Roger Wu explained Yummy77’s strategic excellent of effects and nucleus. Looking at other ecommerce platforms, Roger referable attributable attributableed that “everyuncompounded else was doing plummet merchandising, enjoy cell
phones and televisions, with heap quantities at factory-plummet virtue. Referable attributable attributablewithstanding no uncompounded was doing young
groceries, nonplummet parts, or unroving parts. Uniform span apples gravow on the identical tree could
entertain diffesolution extents and tastes, and there are so multifarious factors affecting the virtue that gets to customers’
hands, so competitors ran sepatrounce from this boundlessness. It was a blue-colored-colored deep turn, and we were drawn to
Yummy77 began by enlargeing a billboard advertising belligerence that featured rankic literature juxtaposed
with prop. Uncompounded billboard featured the Mona Lisa smiling as she recognized a dish of fish. The aggregation
simultaneously enlargeed a recurrent of true promotions surrender exhibition fees. Elevatemore, Yummy77
touted specific worths coerce featured effects. Coerce development, uncompounded true volunteer touted 12 Chilean gala
examples coerce 31 yuan (encircling US $5). (Exhibit 1 presents the dispenseing to consumers.) As Yummy77
pretended fantastic effects from fantastic manufacturers, it frequently volunteered bounteous samples when a portraiturer bought related
products. Coerce development, as Yummy77 pretended grapes from a fantastic advanceer, an command of oranges jurisdiction
include a bounteous constituent of grapes. Entire told, Yummy77 plant that it late almost 100 yuan (about
US $16) to tempt a customer who assignd uncompounded command per week.
The aggregation’s primal employment supposing next-day exhibition coerce commands assignd by 4 pm. Deliveries were
scheduled amid four-hour windows from 9am to 6pm each day. Coerce deliveries in Shanghai, Yummy77
so volunteered after options, 6pm to 9pm, coerce an afunroving fee of 5 yuan (close than US $1).
Focusing barely on prop, Yummy77 volunteered some 2,000 parts, including income, vegetables, pulp,
poultry, fish, deepfood, acquiesce, eggs, grains, greases, and snacks, though referable attributable attributableably coerceegoing affable parts
such as cleaning outgrowth. Exhibit 2 presents the 20 most relishd parts as of summer 2015. Yummy77’s
“Encircling Us” page emphasized “premium” parts, which interjacent imports from nighly twenty
countries. COO Roger Wu explained the rationale: “We kfantastic we were serving position performanceers who are
unhesitating to dissipated coerce virtue result. We nucleused on promotive props and reward props ignobled on the
preferences of these customers.” Coerce development, Yummy77 featured cherries promotive from the United
States or Peru, Zespri Kiwi from Fantastic Zealand and avocados from Mexico—high-end income which
these customers were thrilled to achieve.
Yummy77 sought to volunteer worths arelish to plummet vend accumulations. With the aggregation’s nucleus on
reward parts, competitive pricing required simplifying minister chains to bring requires. Indeed, multifarious
Chinese customers had plant lofty-end outcome an silly wantonness at the influential worths commitd
by other venders. Referable attributable attributablewithstanding by subsidizeing straightly from suppliers, Yummy77 avoided the brokers, coercewarders,
and other intermediaries that joyed the worth of this effect at other venders. Appearance inferior worths,
customers then bought plenteous past, and coerce China’s advanceing upper-middle rank, cherries, kiwi and
avocado could be increasingly prescribe indulgences.
On extreme of pliterature pricing, Yummy77 pretended a smentire exhibition commit of 10 yuan (US $1.62 at the
influential substitute trounce as of January 1, 2015), though commands of 99 yuan (encircling US $16) waived the
exhibition fee. Customers were referable attributable attributable attributable expected to extremity exhibition drivers.
This muniment is identified coerce portraiture barely by Surender Reddy in 2017.
Coerce the odious portraiture of S. Reddy, 2017.
Mission Impossible? Yummy77 Delivers Groceries amid the Hour
Yummy77 implemented deliveries through a three-step rule resting on a uncompounded accessible
warehouse, 30 exhibition positions each serving roughly a ten kilometer (6.2 mile) radius, and scooters coerce
latest exhibition. The rule began at the accessible depot, a 120,000-square-foot ease located in
metropolitan Shanghai. In enumeration to encroachment register, the warehoportraiture supposing a staging area coerce
“pick-and-pack” muster the result coerce each exhibition. Next, exhibition trucks delighted each day’s
nod to each of 30 exhibition positions throughout Shanghai. These exhibition positions, disclosed barely to
Yummy77 staff, were encircling 800 clear feet (roughly the extent of a span-bedcapability hall), with
oversized refrigerators to presuffice-coerce young pulp and outgrowth. Latestly, exhibition staff loaded a rare commands
into the end of a scooter (with foam insulation and ice packs coerce sphere coerce), delivered the
result to customers, then give-backed to the exhibition position to eliminate up past. Coerce latest exhibition, Yummy77
favored scooters, referable attributable attributable attributable generous-extent trucks, becaportraiture commerce regulations scant the portraiture of great vehicles in
multifarious vicinitys. In some assigns, minivans supplemented scooters coerce customer deliveries.
Becaportraiture exhibition positions were located nigh customers’ vicinitys and becaportraiture barely a scooter was
required to gain deliveries, Yummy77’s last-mile requires were serene; the aggregation paid exhibition staff
almost 3 yuan (encircling US $0.50) coerce each command delivered to a customer.
With culm worths coerce promotive result previously viewed as unduly valuable, customer
reaction was confident—in emails, customer interviews, deep give-end trounces, and lofty recapitulate alienations.
Yummy77’s customers tended to be interpolitically oriented, whether from having late duration balanceseas
(frequently to examine or performance), or from movies and other instrument presenting interpolitical cuisine and
While customer solution was auspicious, there were some referable attributable attributableable limits. Coerce uncompounded, multifarious Chinese
customers preferred to subsidize subsist fish and shrimp, as appearance the creatures calm?} asubsist grconfess their health
and youngness. To protect the deepprop asubsist required tanks and staff vigilance, neither of which Yummy77
was unhesitating to yield in the exhibition positions. Elevatemore, a 10 kilometer trip from exhibition
position to a customer’s dregs jurisdiction be so covet coerce deepprop to survive in a bag. And if a customer
was referable attributable attributable attributable residence to recognize the command in idiosyncratic (a possibility with four-hour exhibition windows), the
customer would be unfitted to stabilitate the part’s mood upon air.
Meanwhile, some exhibition positions became increasingly hectic. With 100 commands per day at a uncompounded
exhibition position, it was usually performanceable coerce staff to way what went where and to construct efficient
deliveries. Referable attributable attributablewithstanding when a exhibition position reached 500, packages became cluttered and errors were
inevitable. Yummy77’s plummet solution was to sunder relishd regions into span or past exhibition
stations, twain to bring interspace to customers and to recognizeion ability. Referable attributable attributablewithstanding each sunder so meant pretended
cost. The aggregation estimated that discloseding a exhibition position require encircling 60,000 yuan (encircling US $9,500),
and exempt requires were encircling 20,000 yuan per month ($3,150). Past accumulations so meant past
complexity, including past stops coerce exhibition trucks hence from the accessible depot.
The dispense coerce electronic commanding of young prop in China past than doubled from 2013 to 2014,
reaching 2.89 billion yuan in sum.17 This recognizeion was representative in the fverification of a enumerate of competitors.
1mxian. Planted in October 2014, 1mxian volunteered exhibition of young outcome in Beijing, Shanghai,
Wuhan, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Shenzhen, and Chengdu.
Beequick. Planted in May 2014, Beeclever supposing uncompounded-hour exhibition of young outgrowth, snacks,
beverages, liquor, coffee and other effects from pretrue fraternity unoccupied-age accumulations.
Hoverification was disclosed to entire animated unoccupied-age accumulations, though each accumulation had to yield its avow
This muniment is identified coerce portraiture barely by Surender Reddy in 2017.
Coerce the odious portraiture of S. Reddy, 2017.
Mission Impossible? Yummy77 Delivers Groceries amid the Hour
exhibition drivers and vehicles. By November 2015, Beeclever had suffice-ford balance 250,000 customers in
Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, and had made plans to enlarge to other important cities in China.
Customers could asproof commands twain from Beequick’s sensitive app as polite as via the relishd collective app
Benlai. Planted in July 2012, Benlai delivered groceries to 22 cities including Beijing, Tianin, and
Shanghai. Vital, customers made commands on Wechat or the Benlai sensitive app, including choosing a
nearby accumulation. Next, the accumulation recognized the command and unhesitating it. Latestly, the accumulation delivered the command
through Benlai’s logistics employment or a third-party exhibition employment. As of November 2015, Benlai did
referable attributable commit either customers or accumulations coerce the employment, though the aggregation implied that it jurisdiction commit
in the coming. A sepatrounce origin of proceeds came from Benlai’s minister chains providing result to accumulations.
Dmall. Planted in April 2015, Dmentire supposing young effects as polite as daily consumer result. It
began action in Beijing and, as of 2015, had elected to unexceptionable its implementation antecedently enlargeing
elsewhere. Dmentire collaborated with recurrent grocery accumulations including Buddies, Metromall,
NGS1685, and Wumart, which withwithhold register. When a customer made an command on the Dmentire app and
chose a nighby grocery accumulation, a Dmentire staff idiosyncratic collected the parts in the bounded accumulation, then
delivered the command to the customer’s residence. Dmall’s grocery accumulation severnerships followed span developments.
Coerce some grocery accumulations, the severnership was odious coerce some bound, proofification that the grocery accumulation
would referable attributable attributable attributable proof up with any other exhibition employment. Coerce others, the grocery accumulation became a shareholder
in Dmall, thereby hopeful a covet-term interdependence. Dmentire leaders summarized the aggregation’s
approach: “no alienation, naught storage, asset-light, uncompounded-hour exhibition.”
Epermarket. Enlargeed in 2012, Eperdispense succored Shanghai’s coerceeign residents confront lofty-quality
and trustworthy prop from their residencelands. Instituter Jean Yves Lu had performanceed coerce 18 years in the prop and
beverage toil. As of 2015, Eperdispense commitd 30 yuan coerce plummet exhibition and 50 yuan coerce identical
day, with exhibition fees waived coerce commands balance 300 yuan. The aggregation mature almost entire of Shanghai
and boasted exhibition in specific vans with three sepatrounce sphere zones. In enumeration to touting
competitive pricing and discounts, the aggregation aided customer employment in English, French,
German, and Chinese.
Farmlink. Planted in June 2014, Farmlink replete restaurants with prop effects including
vegetables, income, grease, rice, eggs, frozen and young pulp and deepfood, deepsonings, drinks, sarcastic result,
drinks, and uniform restaurant outgrowth and appliances. As of November 2015, Farmlink supposing
deliveries to Beijing, Shanghai, and Chongqing. Farmlink emphasized the efficiencies of nucleusing on
restaurants barely, and it sought to volunteer specific savings to smentire and medium-sized restaurants that
jurisdiction be unfitted to perform the best worths on their avow.
Fields. Planted in 2009 by Sun Literature Vend Group (a vital prop vender in China), Fields was
knavow coerce uncommon effects enjoy gluten-bounteous quinoa acquiesce as polite as radical outgrowth, though it so
offered a generous totality of pulp, poultry, fish, deepfood, dairy, drinks, alcohol, and past. Fields
pregnant exhibition fees of 50 yuan coerce commands close than 100 yuan, 20 yuan coerce commands 100 to 200 yuan, and
no commit coerce commands aloft 200 yuan. Fields mature Shanghai (barring Chongming District) and its
five enclosing cities. Fields’ tissue post volunteered employment in five languages.
Outcome …
Alienation vindication to behold generous