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Attribute divergent cultural perspectives to general social-cultural book.

Scenario Information

You accept been compensated as the Human Resources Director restraint a global controlm that is headquartered in the United States. Your labor is to evaluate and produce recommendations in the area of heterogeneousness restraint your order. Each individuality obtain embrace inequitable areas amid heterogeneousness restraint you to standpoint on. You obtain be tasked with choosing from single of the heterogeneousness areas that are supposing to you. Be believing to precede investigation using the university library and other apt sources.

Heterogeneousness Areas (Select single, and abide to verification restraint integral modules)

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Religion
  • Ethnicity


You recently cultivated a convocation restraint your order on Heterogeneousness and Hofstede’s cultural book. As part of the commencement on going to the convocation, you are to qualify a donation on what you conversant to conglutinate into the order; this can be PowerPoint, Prezi, or any donation machine. Produce believing you harangue the subjoined questions in your donation, as you obtain be giving it to the constabulary commencement team:

  1. Include an gate to Hofstede’s cultural book.
  2. Discuss how the six cultural book contact the workplace.
  3. Determine what strategies you can verification to successfully direct the divergent cultural book. Remember, this is a global order naturalized in the US.
  4. Conclude your donation.

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